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Offsite Construction News & Articles

The Offsite Construction Network features exclusive articles and interviews from the leading voices in the offsite construction industry. In addition, the Offsite Construction Network features news and headlines from around the offsite industry, including modular construction, prefabricated buildings, tiny homes, and more.

Latest Offsite Industry News

Charlotte's New Mutlifamily Mid-Rise Will Feature Exposed Mass Timber

Construction recently kicked off for Oxbow, a mass timber multifamily community in Charlotte’s The Mill District. Read more.

Tiny Home Trend Remains Popular in the United States

Recent Google Trends data shows searches for information about tiny homes has increased exponentially since 2011. Sales seem to be largely to the 54% of Americans who want to invest an additional dwelling unit or tiny home to rent it out. Read more.

Timberlamb Acquires American Laminators Accelerating Growth of Mass Timber Construction

Timberlab, Inc., a leading national provider of holistic mass timber systems, and Diversified Wood Resources, LLC announce that they have entered into an agreement for Timberlab to acquire the assets of American Laminators. Read more.

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Exclusive Articles & Interviews

Manufacturers, Developers & Stakeholders Convene in Atlanta for Offsite Construction Summit

Offsite construction manufacturers and developers connected with industry stakeholders and potential end-users in Atlanta, GA, during the final Offsite Construction Summit of 2023. Held at the Georgia International Convention Center on November 15 and presented by the Offsite Construction Network and the Modular Building Institute, this Summit offered a full day of invaluable networking and discussion about the potential for modular and offsite construction in Georgia and up and down the East Coast.

The Offsite Construction Summit Gathers the Industry in Berkeley to Tackle Housing Crisis

Offsite construction industry stakeholders and potential end-users of all stripes gathered in Berkeley, CA, for the Offsite Construction Summit on October 18, 2023. Hosted by the University of California – Berkeley, this latest Summit offered a full day of invaluable networking and discussion about the potential for modular and offsite construction in California and up and down the West Coast.

The Offsite Construction Summit Offers Affordable Housing Ideas, Solutions in Denver

Boasting over 220 attendees from across the industry, the Offsite Construction Network’s popular annual visit to Denver was a huge success. “It was a fantastic event,” said executive director Tom Hardiman. “Offsite and modular construction is booming in Colorado right now. This Summit was a great opportunity to directly connect industry stakeholders and regional end-users.”

Tiny Homes Can Now Be Permanent Residences in Colorado

Colorado Rep. Cathy Kipp discusses the passage of Colorado’s HB22-1242 and how it impacts the tiny home industry–and residents–in Colorado.

Stack Homes: Entering the World of Modular Construction

Stack Homes CEO sits down with the Offsite Construction Network to talk about entering the world residential modular construction

The Offsite Construction Expo Brings Ideas, Opportunities to Toronto

With enthusiasm and engagement throughout the day, the Offsite Construction Network’s first event in Toronto felt entirely too short. “It was a fantastic event,” said executive director Tom Hardiman. “There’s so much excitement for modular construction in Toronto, it was great to help connect the attendees with these industry leaders right in their own backyard.”

Azure: Creating Affordable and Sustainable Housing with 3D Printing

Azure Printed Homes is currently developing a community of affordable housing units using 3D Printing technology.

Huga: Reconstructing the Public’s Opinion of Modular Housing

Argentina-based Huga Technology is a family business with four generations of experience building residential and commercial units.

Casata’s Microhome Communities: Changing the Landscape of Affordable Housing

Texas-based Casata Corp recently introduced a new living option, affordable microhome communities, redefining what it means to live small.

Innovating Panelized Construction: How Vantem Plans to Revolutionize Affordable Housing

A start-up called Vantem is committed to addressing the global need of affordable housing with its new “cementitious board” panels and is planning 15 new factories in the US alone.

Building Sustainably with CLT: How Apex Plaza Became the Largest Mass Timber Building on the East Coast

Built to six stories with carbon-sequestering CLT, the Apex Plaza harvests daylight and energy from the sun, and is powered by 875 roof-and canopy-mounted solar panels.

A View Towards the Future: Building with Virginia Tech’s New Low-Carbon Hardwood CLT

Commissioned in 2018, the New River Train Observation Tower project challenged graduate architecture and design students to source, design, and build an environmentally-friendly, handicap-accessible modular structure for public use.

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More Offsite Industry News

AI Generates Revit Models from 2D Plans

WiseBIM, a French software startup, has launched a new add-in for Revit that uses AI to turn 2D plans into Revit models. The tool is primarily aimed at design offices, architectural firms, construction companies, and heritage managers. Read more.

Japanese Home Builders Grab Big Slice of US Housing Market

Japanese homebuilder Sekisui House has completed a US $4.9 billion in-cash acquisition of US-based MDC Holdings, spreading its oriental wood-frame construction style across outlets in 16 states. Read more.

Offsite Housing Construction For Economy And For Humanity

When you meet folks behind many of the offsite home building companies, you find them teeming with passion. Even though they can make housing faster than anyone else, that passion isn’t capitalism. It’s passion for solving global issues. Read more.

First 'Mass-Timber' Office Building in Houston-area Suburb Breaks Ground

A new "green" office building going up in Cypress may become a blueprint for the real estate sector in the Houston area. The Woodlands-based Howard Hughes will use North American timber and low-carbon materials to construct Houston's first mass timber office building. Read more.

Ambitious Modular Construction Project Aims to Support Transition-Age Youth

Consisting of 13 one-bedroom apartments and using a modular form of construction, this partnership between Community Corporation and city officials aims to support transition-age youth. Read more.

Nemetschek Groups Forms AI Innovation Hub

The Nemetschek Group, which owns several AEC brands including Graphisoft, Vectorworks, Allplan, Solibri and Bluebeam, has formed the AI Innovation Hub. Read more.

Georgia's First Georgia-Grown Mass Timber Building

Georgia’s first Georgia-grown mass timber building utilizing a regional supply chain has been completed. Jamestown, the design-focused real estate investment and management firm behind Atlanta’s Ponce City Market, celebrated the completion of 619 Ponce. Read more.

Assembly's Blueprint for Sustainable Urban Living in the GTHA

As Canada grapples with the increasing need for sustainable and affordable housing, Assembly Corporation has emerged as a crucial player in addressing these complex challenges. Read more.

Canada's First 3D Printed Multi-Unit Homes

A collaboration between CMHC’s housing innovation team, Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex, the University of Windsor, the Town of Leamington and Nidus3D construction printing has resulted in Canada’s first 3D printed multi-unit residential structure. Read more.

Autodesk, Nemetschek Agree on Greater Interoperability for Design and Construction Software

Autodesk Inc. (BIM) agreed to an interoperability agreement with the Nemetschek Group April 24 to improve open collaboration and efficiency for both companies' architecture, engineering, construction and operations tools, as well as their media and entertainment products. Read more.

Cosmic Set to Produce Prefabricated ADUs in California with Water Recycling and Solar Energy

San Francisco-based Cosmic has raised $1.5 million in funding for their micro-home product designs aimed at bringing “self-sustainable homes in California and beyond. Read more.

Colleges Developing Off-Campus Alternatives for Student Housing

Demand for student housing, both on and off-campus, greatly exceeds supply at many universities, so the asset class has emerged over the past two decades as an unlikely real estate kingmaker. Read more.

Swinton Deploys Tech on $98M North Carolina Mixed-use Mass Timber Build

The builder attached 3D modeling devices on workers’ helmets to collect data for virtual twins, documentation, reference and planning. The structure will also feature heavy mass timber use. Read more.

80 New Tiny-Home Units Set to Open in Santa Barbara

The finishing touches are being put on the newest Dignity Moves tiny home housing program at 4500 Hollister Ave. in Santa Barbara. Read more.

LaPhair Captial Partners Acquires Kinexx Modular Construction to Accelerate Homeownership in Urban Communities

LaPhair Capital Partners, an innovation focused, early-stage investment firm today announced the acquisition of Kinexx Modular Construction (Kinexx), a pioneer in modular building solutions. Read more.

New ICC/MBI Standard Focuses on MEP Elements Used in Off-Site Construction

The International Code Council (ICC), the global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions, in partnership with the Modular Building Institute (MBI), the international non-profit trade association serving modular construction. Read more.

Safe & Green Holdings Enters Design/Build Agreement with Talen Services LLC for Design and Production of Eight Units

Homes designed to meet the Department of Energy’s Net-Zero Energy Ready Requirements. Agreement has the potential for a total of approximately 600 units over the next 7 years. Read more.

Modular Building Institute Awards Best Modular, Relocatable Buildings of 2024

MBI's premier modular building awards, its annual Awards of Distinction, are presented each year on the final evening of its World of Modular conference and trade show. Read more.

Greystar's First U.S Modular Community, Ltd. Findlay, Now Preleasing

Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC, a global leader in the investment and development announced that it's first U.S modular community is now open for preleasing. Read more.

Akhurst Machinery Partners with Modular Building Group to Aid Housing Crisis

Akhurst Machinery Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Modular Building Automation (MBA), a Dutch company specializing in machinery for prefabricated homes, modular buildings, and offsite construction solutions. Read more.

New Building Code to Permit 18-Stoney Timber Builds in Toronto

Canada's largest city is the epicentre of a housing crisis that is sweeping the country. Under a new Building Code, set to be approved by the Ontario provincial government, developers and policymakers are turning to mass timber construction systems to construct the next generation of mid-rise and high-rise construction projects. Read more.

Trudeau Pushes 3D-Printed, Prefabricated Homes to Solve Supply Crunch

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced measures aimed at making it easier and cheaper to build new homes in Canada, with an emphasis on pre-fabricated modular housingRead more.

Michigan State University Launches Groundbreaking BIM-Ready Complete Program in Partnership with TechnoStruct Academy

Michigan State University (MSU) is excited to announce the launch of the 'Post Graduate Certificate in BIM.' This advanced program empowers professionals with advanced skills in Building Information Modeling (BIM). The first batch of the program commences on April 15, 2024. Read more.

Mercer Mass Timber Launches Construction Services

Mercer Mass Timber LLC, the Spokane Valley-based manufacturer of cross-laminated timber panels, has launched a mass timber installation division, says Brian Merwin, the company’s senior vice president. Read more.

UF Strategic Funding to Help Improve Industrialized Construction Engineering

The University of Florida will use $2.5 million in strategic funding to help advance the field of industrialized construction engineering. The money comes from the $130 million in funding that Florida Legislature awarded UF in 2023. Read more.

Vancouver Advances Mass Timber Adoption Through New Incentives

Vancouver is ramping up its commitment to sustainable construction with a new set of incentives aimed at promoting mass timber buildings. These incentives, developed through collaboration with stakeholders, will be closely monitored and adjusted based on real-world feedback over the next two years. Read more.

The Future of Design Is Here with AI in Vectorworks 2024 Update 4

Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc., part of the Nemetschek Group, has released its fourth update to the Vectorworks 2024 product line, granting customers access to AI and virtual reality technologies through two brand new tools. Read more.

Eastern Hemlock Cross Laminated Timber is Now Commercially Available to Builders

Eastern Hemlock, a ubiquitous and underutilized evergreen tree species in the northeastern United States, is now available for commercial cross-laminated timber (CLT) building projects for the first time after a multi-year project brings the tree species to the market. Read more.

Firm Investing in CLT Manufacturing in Oregon

A new cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing facility is coming to Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley. Timberlab, a Swinerton subsidiary and a national provider of holistic mass-timber systems, plans to construct and operate the 250,000-square-foot facility. Read more.

House of Design Robotics: Strategic Investment By Cullinan Holdings, Inc. to Advance Robotics & Automation in the Offsite Construction Sector

House of Design Robotics, an industry-leading provider of advanced automated and robotic solutions tailored for building component and offsite construction companies, has taken a significant step as Connie Lefkowitz of Cullinan Holdings, Inc. have acquired majority control and interest in the company through a strategic investment. Read more.

American Homestar Launches 'Tiny Homes" Business Out of Fort Worth Facility

American Homestar Corp., a leader in factory-built homes with headquarters outside Houston, has announced a new venture to produce “tiny homes” out of its Oak Creek Homes subsidiary in Fort Worth. Read more.

Western Pa. Lawmaker Aims to Form Statewide Guidelines for Building Tiny Homes

A Western Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to make it easier for local municipalities to develop tiny homes in their communities — something the city of Pittsburgh is already contemplating. Read more.

Cross-Laminated Timber Industry To Gain New Manufacturing Facility in Pregon's Mid-Willamette Valley

Timberlab Inc. a subsidiary of Swinerton Incorporated (Swinerton) and leading national provider of holistic mass timber systems, unveils its plans to construct and operate a state-of-the-art cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing facility in Oregon's mid-Willamette region. Read more.

FEMA Announces Hawaii Housing Plan Using Modular Construction

On March 28, 2024, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will release its housing assistance plan for residents impacted by the Maui wildfires in August 2023. This plan will involve using modular construction to build new homes. Read more.

Kalesnikoff to Build New Mass Timber Mill in B.C

Kalesnikoff Mass Timber is pleased to announce the ongoing growth of its product offerings, services and team through a new, third facility and product lines; continuing to secure Kalesnikoff’s leadership and innovation in meeting evolving and expanding construction industry needs. Read more.

NYC EDC Selects 7 Projects to Lead the Way on Mass Timber Construction

New York City wants to bring eco-friendly construction to the masses and started that journey by picking seven projects to participate in a new mass timber incubator. Read more.

Colorado Welcomes Guerdon's Expansion to Meet Surging Demand for Modular Housing

As the demand for housing continues to surge across the United States, Guerdon, LLC is proud to announce its expansion plans for a modular construction factory in Colorado. Read more.

Wittman Estes Creates "Rapid Assembly" Fire Station in Southern California

Prefabricated steel modules were used to create Fire Station 67, which was designed by architecture studio Wittman Estes to be durable, adaptable and quick to construct and reconfigure. Read more.

First Security Bank Constructs Montana's Largest CLT Building, Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Architecture

Amid the bustling streets of Missoula, First Security Bank is breaking ground on what will soon be Montana's largest cross-laminated timber (CLT) building, setting a new standard for eco-conscious construction in the region. Read more.

ICC/MBI Standards 1200 & 1205 Provide Foundation for Utah's First-Ever State Modular Program

What began as a phone conversation in September, 2023, with MBI Government Affairs Director, Jon Hannah-Spacagna and Utah Building Official and State Representative, Tom Peterson, has just turned into an historic accomplishment for the modular industry. Read more.

Yellowstone National Park $40 Million Gift to Build More Employee Housing

A $40 million private donation will go toward building at least 70 new modular housing units for employees at Yellowstone National Park, the National Park Service announced Thursday. Read more.

Mass Timber Fire Performance a Game-Changer for Future Tall Buildings

Mass timber construction continues to gain momentum across Canada largely because it is eco-friendly and extensive research has validated the fire safety of the material for taller buildings. Read more.

Virginia Pioneer's Adoption of Offsite Construction Code

The Commonwealth of Virginia last month became the first state to adopt the International Code Council and Modular Building Institute’s 1200 and 1205 standards. Read more.

Grant Supports Research on Cross-Laminated Timber

Washington State University researchers have received a two-year grant to make more resilient and durable housing materials from thermally-modified cross laminated timber (CLT) and recycled carbon fiber. Read more.

Little Caesars Adds Modular Units to its Development Portfolio

Little Caesars launched its POD program in December and opened its first modular restaurant in Iowa. Franchisees are showing significant interest so far. Read more.

Clark Pacific Announces CARBONSHIELD, A Proprietary Concrete Mix with Fifty Percent Less Embodied Carbon

Clark Pacific, a leading provider of prefabricated systems that are transforming building design and construction, today announced CARBONSHIELD, a proprietary concrete mix with 50 percent less embodied carbon. When combined with the benefits of offsite construction and efficient design, CARBONSHIELD has a significant impact on construction's carbon footprint. Read more.