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Sponsor the Offsite Construction Network

In-Person & On-Demand, All Year Round

The Offsite Construction Network offers offsite manufacturers, contractors, design professionals, developers, suppliers, and more the opportunity to learn from, educate, and network with the leading companies and professionals in the offsite construction industry.

Download our complete media kit today to learn about all the ways you and your company can reach and support this rapidly growing industry.

2024 Offsite Construction Network media kit

Praise for Offsite Construction Network Events

"In any industry, there are a plethora of trade shows. So when you finally that is a great fit, you like to let others know about it. The Offsite Construction Expo has been one of the best, and this opinion is not from a novice...this expo was perfect."

"The quality of leads generated was the best aspect of the expo."

"The speakers were informative, the venue wonderful, the structure perfect and the attendees were exactly who we are looking for when networking."

"Great event with solid information presented and really good interaction...from attendees and exhibitors!"

"These events provide exceptional value. We'll be back next year for sure."

"I've presented at the Offsite Summit before and had a great experience. The team does a great job of bringing the right people together to move our industry forward."

"One of the best modular shows I've been to. Lots of great networking and some fantastic presentations."


Looking to get noticed at some of the best offsite construction events of the year? Want to extend your company's reach and engage our digital audience? Browse our options below then contact us to reserve your placement.

In-Person Opportunities

Morning Coffee

USD $1,500

Includes: 1 sponsor registration for a live event, signage onsite, logo on website and logo in printed event program

Case Study Presenters

USD $2,000

Includes: 2 sponsor registrations for any event, recognition onsite by emcee, logo on one live event website, and logo in that event’s printed program

Name Badge

USD $2,000

Includes: 2 sponsor registrations for a live event, logo on badge, logo on website plus logo in printed event program

Networking Reception

USD $2,000

Includes: 2 sponsor registrations, signage onsite, logo on event website, recognition onsite by emcee, logo in that event’s printed program


USD $500

Includes: logo on one event webpage and logo in that event’s printed program


USD $5,000

Includes: 2 sponsor registrations for a live event, signage onsite, logo on event webpage, logo in printed event program

Program Insert

USD $2,000

Includes: 2 sponsor registrations for a live event, logo on event webpage, logo in that event’s printed program

Digital Opportunities

Industry Stakeholder

USD $5,000

Establish your company as a key stakeholder in the offsite industry by partnering with the Offsite Construction Network.

For a 1-year period, each Industry Stakeholder receives:

  • linked logo on each live event page
  • linked logo on the homepage for 12 months
  • 2 attendee registrations for one in-person event
  • a custom-built virtual expo page on our website that can include links, videos, PDFs, and more
  • 6 posts on our social channels that drive traffic to your custom-built page
  • a promoted interview with executive director Tom Hardiman
  • a promoted webinar hosted on the Offsite Construction Network website

Offsite Weekly

USD $5,000

Sponsor our weekly e-newsletter and reach our growing audience of over 7,000 offsite professionals. Each issue focuses on industry news, exclusive content, virtual expo pages, and event updates. Sponsors receive linked logo placement for 12 months.

Custom E-blasts

USD $2,000

Take full advantage of our list of over 7,000 past event attendees and industry contacts. With flexible scheduling and KPI reporting, these custom eblasts can drive attention when you need it most.

Offsite Insights

USD $1,500

In this new highly-promoted interview series, executive director Tom Hardiman speaks to leaders from across the offsite construction industry. Sponsors receive logo placement and spoken recognition in 4 episodes and a linked logo on the Offsite Insights landing page for 6 months.

Site Sponsor

USD $1,000

Build your company’s brand and show your support of the offsite construction industry. Includes your company’s logo on the Offsite Construction Network’s homepage for 12 months, a promoted article dedicated to your company, plus an entire customized webpage that we build and promote all year long.