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Connect with the Offsite Construction Industry

Directory of Exhibitors, Speakers & Sponsors

With in-person summits and expos taking place in cities across North America, it's never been easier to connect with manufacturers, designers, builders, and suppliers from every corner of the offsite construction industry. If, however, you've been unable to attend any of our recent Offsite Construction Summits, this categorized directory provides direct access to the key companies and individuals who helped those events succeed.

This directory of offsite construction industry companies includes listings for all exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors of our 2022, 2023, and 2024 Offsite Construction Summits in Denver, Toronto, Berkeley, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Sacramento.

Access each category of our offsite construction directory below.

In-Person Networking

Need to make a key industry contact in North America? The Offsite Construction Network's upcoming in-person events feature the offsite construction industry's most influential manufacturers, contractors, designers, suppliers, and more.


Offsite Builders / Manufacturers

Companies that manufacture, either whole or in part, modules, panels, components, or assemblies used in offsite construction projects.

Offsite Design Professionals

Architects, engineers, and other professionals who contribute to the design of buildings built using offsite construction.

Product & Service Suppliers

Providers of parts, products, and services required for modular and/or offsite construction.

Contractors & Developers

Companies that develop real estate for commercial use and/or those that provide general contracting services.

Meet North America's Leading Offsite Construction Companies

Connect and engage with the leading offsite manufacturers, designers, contractors, and suppliers at the Offsite Construction Network's regionally-focused Offsite Construction Summits. These one-day events are the perfect opportunities for business development and networking for area building and construction stakeholders.

networking at the Offsite Construction Summit

Don't Miss Our Upcoming Events

Join the leading companies and professionals from across the offsite construction industry at each of the Offsite Construction Network's upcoming events. With summits and expos taking place across North America, it's never been easier to connect with and learn from offsite construction manufacturers, designers, builders, and suppliers from across the country.


Looking to make contact with a offsite construction company not listed on this directory? Would you like your company listed? Contact us.