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The Offsite Construction Summit: Minneapolis Floorplan

The Offsite Construction Summit arrived in Minneapolis on June 20, 2024, to offer regional exhibitors some of the year's best opportunities for business development and networking within the offsite construction industry.

Industry Networking & Exposure

Offsite building has never been more popular, and with the rapidly-growing opportunities in Minnesota for affordable housing, multifamily housing, hospitality, and healthcare, this Summit gave exhibitors an incredible opportunity to promote their businesses with offsite construction industry leaders and rising stars from the Upper Midwest and across North America.

Don't miss your next chance to meet and network with leading offsite construction professionals from across the country.

The Offsite Construction Summit comes to Minneapolis, MN, on June 20, 2024



Exhibit booths at the Offsite Construction Summit in Minneapolis were available to offsite and modular manufacturers, design professionals, product and service suppliers, and anyone wanting to promote their company and connect with qualified attendees of all stripes. All booths were reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Offsite & Modular Manufacturers

Meet and network with developers, design professionals, and other stakeholders who seek to add offsite and modular buildings into their future building projects.

Product & Service Providers

With many attending manufacturers, contractors, and developers, there are few better opportunities for product and service providers to engage with existing and potential industry partners around the region.

Exhibitor floorplan map for the Offsite Construction Summit in Minneapolis, MN, June 20, 2024

With dedicated exhibit hours and a program designed to encourage networking, every position is a good position at the Offsite Construction Summit!


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