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The Offsite Construction Summit: Minneapolis Speakers

Join us in Minneapolis, MN, on Thursday, June 20, 2024, for a full day of presentations from some of the brightest minds and rising stars in the offsite construction industry.

Expert Speakers from Across the Industry

Don't miss the next opportunity to learn from—and network with—hundreds of Midwestern offsite industry professionals including our group of featured speakers. All of our featured speakers bring years of offsite construction experience and knowledge from all corners of the industry. And since our speakers will also be exhibiting at the event, attendees will have ample opportunity to connect with these industry leaders.

Call for Presentations

Interested in speaking at the 2024 Minneapolis Offsite Construction Summit? Let us know!


Minneapolis Offsite Construction Summit Speakers

Don't miss your next chance to see some of the most impactful offsite construction speakers from across the Midwest and around the country. Our 2024 speaker line-up, which will feature company leaders and design professionals from across the offsite spectrum, will address a variety of topics critical to the future of offsite, modular, and prefab construction in Minnesota and across the United States.

This list will be updated with our 2024 speakers and presentations soon!

Interested in speaking at our 2024 Minneapolis Summit? Let us know!


2023 Summit Speakers

Each Offsite Construction Summit features six to ten regional experts in offsite construction who present case studies, best practices, and lessons learned for industry professionals and potential end users alike.

Below is a sampling of our 2023 Offsite Construction Summit speakers. Click the links to see complete speaker line-ups from our 2023 events in Toronto, Denver, Berkeley, and Atlanta.

This list will be replaced with our 2024 Minneapolis Summit speakers soon. Stay tuned!

Ben Metcalf, Managing Director, Terner Center for Housing Innovation, UC Berkeley

Ben Metcalf

Managing Director

Terner Center for Housing Innovation,

UC Berkeley

Stuart Emmons, principal, Emmons Design

Stuart Emmons


Emmons Design

Dyci Sfregola, CEO at New Gen Architects, is presenting at the Offsite Construction Summit in Atlanta, GA, on November 15, 2023

Dyci Sfregola


New Gen Architects


Dean Dalvit


EV Studio

Vamsi Kumar Kotla, ReMo Homes

Vamsi Kumar Kolta

Co-Founder & CEO

ReMo Homes

Nickolos Gomez, Principal, Director of Modular Design & Construction, AO

Nickolos Gomez

Principal, Director of Modular Design & Construction


Justin Stewart, CEO, Synergy Modular

Justin Stewart


Synergy Modular

Cooper Lane, VP of Sales at Brave Control Solutions, is speaking at the 2023 Offsite Construction Expo in Toronto

Cooper Lane

Vice President of Sales

Brave Control Solutions

Wanona Satcher, Founder & CEO of Mākhers Studio LLC, is presenting at the Offsite Construction Summit in Atlanta, GA, on November 15, 2023

Wanona Satcher

Founder & CEO

Mākhers Studio LLC

2023 Presentations

Offsite Construction Summit presentations address a wide range of industry- and region-specific topics. Below are some examples from our four 2023 events.

This list will be updated with our 2024 Minneapolis Summit presentations soon. Stay tuned!

New Opportunities for Affordable Housing

Ben Metcalf, Managing Director, Terner Center for Housing Innovation, UC Berkeley

Ben Metcalf is the managing director of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley where his team works to address housing affordability challenges through rigorous research and policy analysis. He also holds an appointment as adjunct professor with UC Berkeley’s Department of City and Regional Planning where he looks at the impacts of constrained housing supply on economic mobility, equity, and the environment. Prior to joining Terner Center, Ben was appointed in 2015 by former Governor Jerry Brown to lead California’s Department of Housing and Community Development, a role he held until 2019. Ben played an instrumental role in the passage and implementation of the 2017 Housing Package and oversaw the department during a period of significant expansion of the state’s financial and regulatory reach into housing and land use matters. Ben also worked in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, DC overseeing their multifamily housing programs. Prior to that, he developed mixed-income and mixed-use communities with California-based BRIDGE Housing Corporation. Ben is the chief executive officer of Terner Housing Innovations Labs, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering innovation in housing practice. He is also principal and founder of Stronger Foundations LLC, a housing policy and practice consulting firm.

System Thinking to Increase Affordable Housing

Stuart Emmons, Principal, Emmons Design

Affordable Housing is taking too long and is too expensive. In this unique presentation, join architect Stuart Emmons as he discusses how to implement system thinking throughout the whole affordable housing delivery system to bring more affordable housing to market faster and at less cost. We will start with setting ambitious goals, and then lay out a plan to achieve those goals through modular construction, panelization, and a high level of project coordination. Lessons learned from selected projects will be analyzed before setting the foundation for a successful affordable housing project with big picture design thinking and excellent team collaboration. Standardization, regulatory constraints, MEP systems integration, panelization, constructability, transport/set, site/factory responsibilities and coordination, and other aspects will be discussed, with the goal to put together a successful, replicable modular affordable housing project.

Digital Supply Chain Fundamentals for Offsite Construction Operations

Dyci Sfregola, CEO, New Gen Architects

Many technologies can improve quality, manage costs, and mitigate labor shortages, so those who manage construction projects and programs should understand these tools. In this session, learn about key supply chain technologies that can improve construction productivity and efficiency, particularly for industrialized, modular, and prefabricated construction. Dyci Sfregola, CEO of New Gen Architects, will show attendees how to create a technology implementation schedule and checklist as well as demonstrate technologies for data, procurement automation, sales and operations planning, intelligent scheduling, inventory management, agility, and resiliency.

Opening the Playbook on Architecture and Engineering Design for Success in Modular Development

Dean Dalvit, AIA, PE, Principal, EVstudio

This presentation offers an in-depth review of essential design strategies and requirements for modular projects and how to achieve a successful design for permitting as well as manufacturing and field construction. Dean Dalvit will provide critical “dos and don'ts” using case studies as examples for each phase of architecture and engineering. He will also explore opportunities for standardizing designs to serve all stakeholders in offsite construction. This session is for anyone just starting out in modular development as well as seasoned industry veterans with an objective to help advance and innovate the marriage of offsite construction techniques with the traditional process of design, permitting, and field construction.

Closer Collaboration with Offsite Construction through Shared Tools, Processes, and Supply Chain

Vamsi Kumar Kotla, Co-Founder and CEO, ReMo Homes
Ryan Blowers, Co-Founder and Head of Manufacturing, ReMo Homes

The current housing crisis in America requires a strategic and united response from all construction stakeholders. ReMo Homes is based in Southern California and harnesses innovations from the aerospace and semiconductor sectors to revolutionize housing solutions. With advanced technologies like vacuum insulation and sophisticated joinery techniques, they work to ensure offsite construction is affordable but also durable in ever increasing weather and climate disasters. In this session, ReMo’s co-founders Vamsi Kumar Kotla and Ryan Blowers will outline a strategy to address these challenges. Central to their approach are industry collaboration, standardization, component-based design, and a suite of advanced software and equipment. By adopting lean design and manufacturing, sharing supply chains, and pooling best practices, construction and design professionals can slash material and labor costs, expedite construction, and harness modular and offsite housing as a compelling, sustainable construction method that garners interest from policymakers and developers.

Keys to Achieving Impactful Multifamily Modular

Nickolas Gomez, Principal, Director of Modular Design & Construction, AO
Andrew Meagher, Vice President of Design & Engineering, Factory_OS

In this session, Nickolos Gomez, principal and director of modular design & construction at architecture firm AO, and Andrew Meagher, vice president of design & engineering at Factory_OS, will discuss the nuances of designing for multifamily modular construction, the impact of factory involvement early in the design process, and tips for creating efficient modular designs. Together, they will highlight the unique challenges and strategies of multifamily modular design, such as the need to think in terms of components and the necessity of achieving design efficiencies, emphasizing the importance of early collaboration to ensure that designs align with factory production capabilities and constraints. Nick and Andrew will also discuss real-life examples from their careers, sharing insider tips on optimizing the development process and delivering creative solutions that maintain efficiency without compromising design.

Yes, Modular Construction Can Save You Money. We’ll Show You How.

Justin Stewart, CEO, Synergy Modular

In this session, Justin Stewart—CEO of Synergy Modular—will share how modular construction is delivering higher quality units at lower costs and in half the time of traditional site-built construction. Justin will provide real project examples, including costs! He will also share how other organizations, owners, developers, contractors, design professionals, and almost anyone involved in construction can replicate Synergy’s proven model for scalable impact.

Industrialization & Modernization

Cooper Lane, Vice President of Sales, Brave Control Solutions

According to a study conducted by McKinsey Group, construction as an industry has shown a 1.5% decrease in productivity. No other industrialized sector—that is not facing obsolescence—shows figures like this. Why? Join Cooper Lane, vice president of sales with Brave Control Solutions, as he speaks about what needs to happen in offsite construction to make it a catalyst in an industry that is facing a housing crisis fueled by labor shortage, a lack of modernization, and a responsibility for better sustainability. Cooper will share case studies showing the process that Brave follows to identify opportunities for automation, how they implement road maps to modernizing, what their collaborative approach to automating looks like and, most importantly, what it means to #thinkbrave.

Case Studies in Affordable Housing, Clean Tech, and Social Impact

Wanona Satcher, Founder & CEO, Mākhers Studio LLC
Kevin Hamak, Principal, Mākhers Studio LLC

For Mākhers Studio, modular construction is the best solution for a more green and affordable built-environment. Modular construction provides the perfect platform for housing developers, local governments, climate tech companies, and large corporations to collaborate with offsite manufacturers to achieve a more sustainable world. Wanona Satcher is an urban designer, landscape architectural designer, city planner, and community engagement strategist. She is also founder and CEO of Mākhers Studio—a for-profit green manufacturing firm and design-build studio that utilizes shipping containers to build buildings—and has experience in the private sector, local government, and nonprofit management. In this session, she will share case studies in affordable housing, clean tech, and social impact.

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