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The Sustainability of Modular Construction

The Modular Building Institute

The Sustainability of Modular Construction

Modular construction is a more environmentally friendly building method than traditional on-site construction. By utilizing modular techniques and sustainable construction methods, building developers can lower their projects’ overall environmental impact through reduced emissions, reduced waste, material reusability, and increased energy efficiency.

Why does this matter?

According to a March 2022 article by McKinsey & Company, the world will see a once-in-a-lifetime wave of capital spending on physical assets between now and 2027. This surge of investment—amounting to roughly $130 trillion —will flood into projects to decarbonize and renew critical infrastructure. Ninety-three percent of CEOs say that sustainability issues are important for the future success of their business, and 54 percent expect sustainability to be embedded within the core business strategies of most companies in the next decade.

The bottom line is this: From a sustainable and strategic perspective, modular construction has the potential to dramatically change not only how we build, but the overall effect these projects will have on our environment.

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Adapted from MBI's 2023 Permanent Modular Construction annual report, this research review collects and summarizes academic research from around the world to show how modular construction is more sustainable when compared to traditional, on-site construction.

Report Summary

Impact of Modular Construction on Construction Waste Reduction

There have been several studies and reports conducted globally on the impact modular and prefabrication building has on overall waste reduction. From the groundbreaking “Prefabrication and Modular Construction 2020” report by Dodge Data and Analytics, eighty-six percent of architect, contractor, and developer respondents said that utilizing modular construction had a medium, high, or very high impact on reducing waste generated by construction activities and improving green building techniques.

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