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Seizing the Modular Construction Opportunity

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Seizing the Modular Construction Opportunity

As Canadians confront a growing housing supply and affordability gap, as well as the need to build more facilities like hospitals and long-term care homes, policymakers are starting to look to the potential of modular construction to help accelerate the pace of building.

Modular construction is an innovative building method that can be used in the production of various building forms, from single unit housing to complex high-rises. At a time when Canada’s construction needs are rising and the industry grapples with numerous challenges, modular construction can provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the development of high-quality, attractive buildings that are affordable, durable, energy efficient, and even recyclable.

This report outlines the key benefits of modular construction, as well as the main barriers impeding its wider adoption in Canada. To seize the opportunity presented by modular construction, the report suggests:

  • Developing guidance materials and training for industry and regulators
  • Addressing building code gaps and inconsistencies
  • Making it easier to procure modular units
  • Improving access to financing
  • Building a Canadian evidence base

Report Summary

Impact of Modular Construction on Construction Waste Reduction

There have been several studies and reports conducted globally on the impact modular and prefabrication building has on overall waste reduction. From the groundbreaking “Prefabrication and Modular Construction 2020” report by Dodge Data and Analytics, eighty-six percent of architect, contractor, and developer respondents said that utilizing modular construction had a medium, high, or very high impact on reducing waste generated by construction activities and improving green building techniques.

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