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The Offsite Construction Summit: Berkeley Gallery

The Offsite Construction Summit returns to Berkeley on June 5, 2024, for a full day of presentations from some of the brightest minds and rising stars in the offsite construction industry.

A Must-Attend Offsite Event

Our 2023 Berkeley was a tremendous success. All of our featured speakers brought years of offsite construction experience and knowledge from all corners of the industry. And since our speakers also exhibited at the event, attendees had ample opportunity to connect with these industry leaders.

Take a look back the Offsite Construction Network's 2023 Berkeley event below.

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Photo Gallery

Offsite construction and building development stakeholders from up and down the West Coast gathered in Berkeley for the Offsite Construction Summit in November, 2023. Representing every corner of California's offsite industry—from volumetric modular and container-based construction to design and engineering to state housing authorities—each attendee walked away with more connections and a greater understanding of what's possible with modular and offsite construction.

Photos from our 2023 Berkeley Summit are below. Read the complete event summary here.

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