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The Offsite Construction Summit: Atlanta Speakers

The Offsite Construction Summit returns to Atlanta, GA, on Wednesday, November 20, 2024, for a full day of presentations from some of the brightest minds and rising stars in the offsite construction industry.

Call for Presentations

Don't miss your next opportunity to learn from—and network with—hundreds of offsite industry professionals including our group of featured speakers. All of our featured speakers bring years of offsite construction experience and knowledge from all corners of the industry. And since our speakers will also exhibit at the event, attendees have ample opportunity to connect with these industry leaders.

Interested in speaking at the 2024 Offsite Construction Summit in Atlanta? Let us know!


Atlanta Offsite Construction Summit Speakers

Don't miss your next chance to see some of the most impactful offsite construction speakers from around the country. Our 2024 speaker line-up, which will feature company leaders and design professionals from across the offsite spectrum, will address a variety of topics critical to the future of offsite, modular, and prefab construction in Georgia and across the United States.

This list will be updated with our 2024 speakers and presentations soon!

Interested in speaking at our 2024 Atlanta Summit? Let us know!

Our 2023 Speakers Included

Gabriel 500x500

Jim Gabriel

President & CEO


Wanona Satcher, Founder & CEO of Mākhers Studio LLC, is presenting at the Offsite Construction Summit in Atlanta, GA, on November 15, 2023

Wanona Satcher

Founder & CEO

Mākhers Studio LLC

Dyci Sfregola, CEO at New Gen Architects, is presenting at the Offsite Construction Summit in Atlanta, GA, on November 15, 2023

Dyci Sfregola


New Gen Architects

Buddy Johns, President of ModCorr, will be presenting at the Offsite Construction Summit in Atlanta, GA, on November 15, 2023

Buddy Johns



Ben Crooks, Director of Operations at ModCorr, is presenting at the Offsite COnstruction Summit in Atlanta, GA, on November 15, 2023

Ben Crooks

Director of Operations


Haas 500x500

James Haas

Modular & Hospitality Sales Manager

Nichiha USA

vereecke 500x500

Peter Vereecke

General Manager- Projects

Z Modular


Kent Anderson

Senior Business Development Manager

Wesco Distribution

Antony Kountouris, CEO at BMarko Structures, will present at the Offsite Construction Summit on November 15, 2023

Antony Kountouris


BMarko Structures

Darion Dunn, Managing Partnet at Atlantica Properties, is presenting at the Offsite Construction Summit on November 15, 2023

Darion Dunn

Managing Partner

Atlantica Properties

hamak 500x500v2

Kevin Hamak


Mākhers Studio LLC

2023 Presentations

Prototype for Success: How Retailers Are Leveraging Offsite Construction

Jim Gabriel, President & CEO, MODLOGIQ

The consistency, precision, and repeatability that offsite construction provides are critical to retailers that support brand identity with their buildings—inside and out. Accelerated construction schedules also mean that restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, and more are able to open earlier thus generating revenue more quickly. In addition—particularly on “raze and rebuild” projects—retailers simply cannot afford construction delays that interrupt operations and cash flow. Simply put, these and other advantages of modular and offsite construction give owners and developers an edge over the competition. In this session, Jim Gabriel—president and CEO of MODLOGIQ—will show attendees how modular and offsite construction methods assure cost- and schedule-certainty and are uniquely equipped to provide standardized designs, materials, colors, furnishings, and signage to deliver uniform retail brand experiences from site-to-site and project-to-project. ​

Case Studies in Affordable Housing, Clean Tech, and Social Impact

Wanona Satcher, Founder & CEO, Mākhers Studio LLC
Kevin Hamak, Principal, Mākhers Studio LLC

For Mākhers Studio, modular construction is the best solution for a more green and affordable built-environment. Modular construction provides the perfect platform for housing developers, local governments, climate tech companies, and large corporations to collaborate with offsite manufacturers to achieve a more sustainable world. Wanona Satcher is an urban designer, landscape architectural designer, city planner, and community engagement strategist. She is also founder and CEO of Mākhers Studio—a for-profit green manufacturing firm and design-build studio that utilizes shipping containers to build buildings—and has experience in the private sector, local government, and nonprofit management. In this session, she will share case studies in affordable housing, clean tech, and social impact.

Digital Supply Chain Fundamentals for Offsite Construction Operations

Dyci Sfregola, CEO, New Gen Architects

Many technologies can improve quality, manage costs, and mitigate labor shortages, so those who manage construction projects and programs should understand these tools. In this session, learn about key supply chain technologies that can improve construction productivity and efficiency, particularly for industrialized, modular, and prefabricated construction. Dyci Sfregola, CEO of New Gen Architects, will show attendees how to create a technology implementation schedule and checklist as well as demonstrate technologies for data, procurement automation, sales and operations planning, intelligent scheduling, inventory management, agility, and resiliency.

Security Grade Modular – Another Tier of (Attainable) Complexity

Buddy Johns, President, ModCorr
Ben Crooks, Director of Operations, ModCorr

Corrections facility construction is inherently complex due to challenges regarding security, human safety, and operational compliance. ModCorr president Buddy Johns’ extensive experience in justice-related construction management and development combined with ModCorr director of operations Ben Crooks’ vast planning and operational experience make the pair uniquely qualified to address how a modular option is a viable solution to the immediate needs of many justice systems at the local, state, and national levels. This presentation will explore the obstacles and opportunities to consider when delivering offsite construction solutions to meet the correctional industry’s needs.

How Collaboration Leads to Successful Multifamily Project Delivery

Peter Vereecke, General Manager - Projects, Z Modular
Kent Anderson, Senior Business Development Manager, Wesco Distribution
James Haas, Modular & Hospitality Sales Manager, Nichiha USA

Tenured builders and manufacturers in the modular and offsite construction space know the power of collaboration. The partnership between Z Modular, Wesco Distribution, and Nichiha, for example, has given many advantages to modular project delivery. This unique and important presentation will focus on a multifamily project located outside Phoenix, AZ. From the beginning discussions regarding design for the project through what today is the finish line, these three companies will share how they collaborate to bring expertise and materials together for in-plant and onsite applications. They will also share lessons-learned on how to successfully deal with long lead times and supply chain issues in order to keep projects moving forward. With Z Modular’s manufacturing and construction capabilities, Nichiha’s award-winning architectural wall panels, and Wesco’s power to bring supply chain solutions from around the world together, attendees will see how the advantages of collaboration in modular construction are truly realized.

The Liberty Boxes Story: Building a Temporary Hospital in Four Weeks

Antony Kountouris, CEO, BMarko Structures
Darion Dunn, Managing Partner, Atlantica Properties

Three and a half years ago at the onset of COVID-19, federal and state governments turned to modular means and methods to build infrastructure that was needed immediately. “The Liberty Boxes Story” will walk attendees through how Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security used modular and offsite construction to building two temporary hospitals—including 48 infectious-disease patient rooms, medical gas delivery, nurse call stations, HEPA-filtered dedicated outdoor air systems, and more—in just four weeks. Attendees will also learn about the relocatable nature of the modular buildings and how the Liberty Boxes are now being used after government need changed.

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